Rules Last Updated: 10/08/2019 @ 23:43 by Liam
1Under any circumstance is killing players in spawn not tolerated, meaning that RP is not to be followed.
* This also goes with mugging/placing hits & completing them/KOS/etc.
2Advertising other servers is not allowed.
3Using racial slurs against other players is not tolerated in any way.
* Spamming chat or mic spamming is not allowed.
4Staff members always has the final say on all rules interpretations. If you feel like you have been wrongfully punished by a staff member, report it to an Admin or higher.
5Prop abusing and/or prop surfing, prop killing, prop blocking, etc. is not allowed.
6Any way of trying to avoid getting raiding by switching your job or even leaving the server will result in a punishment.
7Any way of trying to put your job out for sale (getting players to pay you for switching off your job) is not allowed.
8Trying to bend and/or find loopholes within our rules will be punished severely.
9RDM > Random Deathmatch, killing someone without any valid reason.
  • You are walking on the opposite road of a thief and he pulls out a gun and starts shooting you, this would be RDM.
10RDA > Random Arrest, arresting someone without any valid reason.
  • When you arrest someone, you are always obligated to have a valid reason behind the arrest occurring.
  • Arresting someone that has a gun on their person without a gun license, this would be a valid reason for an arrest.
11NLR > New Life Rule, when you die, you may not return or have any memory of that scenario/situation.
  • Returning to a raid after just being killed and returning to that same area, this is breaking the NLR.
  • This would also include you revenge killing/arresting/wanting/etc.
  • The New Life Rule applies 4 minutes after your last death.
12Expression 2 Rules: You may NOT use E2s that include:
  • Finding other players
  • Teleporting in any way This includes shipments.
  • Giving any advantage over other players
  • Prop armour.
  • Exceeding a limit of 1000ops
  • Blocking a players view
  • Showing RP Information Money, Job, Name, Weapon etc
  • Read chats
  • Spam sounds
If Staff ask you to remove, you MUST remove the E2. Failure will cause in removal of access to the tool and a warning.
13Rules for /adverts
  • Advert should only be used for RP reasons only.
  • Using 3 and/or more adverts within a span of 30 seconds is considered spam.
  • Racist or offensive adverts is not allowed.
  • When warning someone to get off your property etc. using adverts, you give them 3 warnings before starting to use any means to get them away (by still following our rules)
  • You must /advert raid
  • You must /advert jailbreak
  • You may not raid PD unless you have a family member (within RP, not IRL) trapped there and is in need of escaping.
14Roleplay Rules:
  • Government jobs may not base or be involved in any criminal activity.
  • Max mug is $10000 and you must wait 5 minutes before mugging someone else.
  • Merchants may only self supply when defending their shop.
  • You cannot weapon check someone without a valid reason.
  • You must have a proper reason when placing a warrant on someone/base.
  • You may not bait people into killing you.
15Raiding Rules:
  • If it is obvious to you that there is nothing of value in a base you are about to raid, you cannot raid that base.
  • You may not raid another base under a 5 minute interval of raiding someone else's base.
  • You cannot build during a raid.
  • You MUST advert when you are about to raid.
16Basing Rules:
  • Max fading doors per base: 5.
  • Max buttons per base: 5.
  • A keypad is required to be placed at any door you place down with a toggle or a 5 seconds open time..
  • Keypads must always be visible to players raiding, fake keypads are not allowed..
  • Your base cannot force people to crouch or jump..
  • You are not allowed to use invisible props..
  • Kill traps are not allowed (A kill trap is where you trap someone between 2 fading doors where they cannot see you or shoot you and not being able to get out of there in any way)..
  • Fading door abuse is not allowed (Meaning if you have a bind set to opening and closing your fading door during a raid and/or RP situation)..
  • Do not make bases with small peepholes where you only show a small bit of your body..
  • Any text you put outside your base must be large enough for players to see (70+)..
  • When putting a KoS sign outside your base, you are not allowed to extend it out to where the public road is..
  • Your base may not have a bunch of flashing lights/bright colours to the point where it strains other players eyes..
  • World glow is prohibited..
  • Building in the PD is not allowed..
  • You must sell doors if a staff member has instructed you to, but only IF you don’t have any props or raidables in that base..
  • You’re only allowed to build in your base.
17 Government Rules
  • Baton rushing people is not allowed.
  • Cops are not allowed to be corrupt (accepting bribes/arresting people for no reason etc.)
  • All Guns are illegal on the streets unless they have a gun license.
  • You are not allowed to weapon check someone without a reason.
  • If you see someone with a gun out and as soon as they see you, they put it away. You are then allowed to arrest them.
18 Textscreen rules:
  • If there’s a sign outside your base saying “Building”, it disallows other players to raid your base.
  • This does not apply if you have items/entities in your base such as shipments, weapons, printers etc.
  • You must be building your base at the time when you have that sign, not leaving the base there and not doing anything with it when the sign is still there.
  • Textscreens must be a minimum size of 40.
  • Use of racism or anything that can discriminate other players is not allowed.